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      Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co., Ltd.

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      Jiangsu Textile Group retrospective east History: October 1958 built Yangshe townartificial cloth factory, in 1964 changed its name to the sandbank Yangshe knit community, in 1966 changed its name to the county Zhenzhinayian sandbank, in September 1976 set up party branches. 1986 with the withdrawal of the sandbank County, enterprises and the establishment of Zhangjiagang City changed its name to Zhangjiagang City Knitting Factory. After renaming of the former director Shi-Hong Zhang, Liu Afghanistan, Jihuiyang,Chen zhendong, Huang Xiang yuan, Qian fubao, Xu Weimin. On November 29, 1996, the municipal government for the further development of the socialist market economy needs, and promote the development of economies of scale enterprises to Cheng, (1996) 90, the paper decided: City Knitting Factory and the Urban integrated silk garment factory the establishment of "Jiangsu Dongdu Garment Corporation," for the appointment of Xu Weimin, general manager of Jiangsu Dongdu Garment Corporation. June 30, 1999 (conversion benchmarks) from the implementation of reform of the system of property rights, October 6, 1999 convening of the first general meeting of shareholders, board of directors elected, the members of the board, Xu Weimin comrades were recommending as Jiangsu Dongdu Garment Limited chairman of the board and general manager. December 28, 1999-Restructuring the Economy (1999) 321, the document approved: Jiangsu Dongdu Garment Group Limited changed composition of Jiangsu Dongdu Garment Limited, under the Zhangjiagang City Economic Commission. In March 2005 Jiangsu Dongdu Garment Limited changed composition of Jiangsu dongdu textile Group.



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