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      Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co., Ltd.

      ABOUT US

      1、Supporting advantages:

      The industrial chain of our company is complete. It has formed an industrial chain integrating cotton yarn, weaving, dyeing and finishing, finalizing, washing, embroidering, printing, cutting, sewing and finishing, which reduces the production cost and turnover cost and provides the profitability and market competitiveness of the enterprise.

      2、Layout advantage:

      Since its transformation, the group has been closely surrounding textile master industry, diversified international market and optimized export area. While maintaining the Japanese market, the company has continuously increased its export to the United States, Australia and Europe, established a win-win cooperation mechanism with Carter's, Bonds, Polo, Adidas and other customers, and gradually formed the market pattern of "3331" -- the United States, Japan and Australia each account for 1/3 of the market, and the domestic market is an important supplement.

      3、Innovation advantages:

      The group company strives to build highly intelligent and systematic digital information integration, fully propelling the whole control informationization, production engineering intelligent and force to realize digital full coverage.

      Taking the advantage of the Internet, the company takes "Internet + management" as the starting point and invests a huge sum of money to introduce ERP system, covering the whole industrial chain business such as design, research and development, production, management, logistics, marketing and service. At the same time, we should strengthen the construction of mobile Internet and cloud platform, expand management channels, and realize informatization and integrated control and integration.

      In addition, the enterprise has been built as a key to the application of information technology, which is the core of intelligent, digitized, virtual, networked, and agile, the intelligent process analysis, the layout, the production, the tailoring, the tailoring, and the production of the clothing smart workshop, which has improved the lean management level and the economic benefit of the enterprise

      4、Innovation advantages:

      All our facilities have been audited and certified to be in compliant with the strictest environmental requirements and standards. Our water treatment plant utilizing the latest techniques has a capacity to process 10,000 tonnes of waste water per day. This enables us to re-use 50% of our waste water output while the balance can be release without any harmful substances,at a level which is cleaner than the required purity standard of industrial waste water by the authorities.Each year, it can reduce the production cost of the company by 3% and the consumption of water resources by more than 1 million tons, reduce environmental pollution, and gradually form a low-input, low-consumption, low-emission and high-efficiency energy-saving growth model.

      Environmental advantages

      5、R&d advantages:

      Our company relies on many years of cooperation experience with "Adidas", "Puma", "Bonds", "Carters" and other internationally renowned brands, and constantly researches and develops new type “ZERO-FORMALDEHYDE” ecological children’s garment fabrics.Meanwhile, cooperation with higher learning institutions such as Jiangnan university and Suzhou university has been developed to promote the cooperation on production and development, to set up the research and development center and to focus on the development of new functional materials. Currently, the development of Plant dye series, Aromatic mosquito repellent environmental protection series, Cooldry Hygroscopic quick drying series, Sunlite Hollow thermal insulation series, Mickface Ultra soft series, Fluorescent series, and many other fabrics that have been wide spread use in children wearing and leisure sports clothing products, the market responded enthusiastically.



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